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How do I register for your services?

Online registration is free and only takes a few minutes: Dealer Registration

  • Your registration will be completed within 1-2 business days and you will be contacted directly by an ipDatatel associate to help you get started with our solutions.
  • For more information, or to set up your account with one of our Sales Representatives, please call 866.896.2944.

What is the monthly cost per communicator?

ipDatatel offers different services for dealers, and their customers, which have varying monthly recurring charges.  Please contact our sales department for specific dealer pricing.

Do I need a phone line when using your products?

No, our communicators and smart devices utilize the Internet and Cellular networks to relay alarm signals and device controls.  Our flagship products (BAT CDMA and BAT CDMA WIFI) offer alarm communications over Internet with a fail-over to Cellular providing redundancy to enable the best in alarm reliability for your customers.  Our Internet-based communicators utilize either an Ethernet connection or Wi-Fi and the Cellular Communicators connect directly to Verizon’s CDMA Cellular network.

How do ipDatatel Alarm Communicators obtain an IP address?

All ipDatatel Internet based devices automatically seek an IP address when first connected.  Each device is assigned a serial number and a corresponding MAC Address and is designed to work with routers that have DHCP enabled.  In addition, each device can be assigned a static IP.

Which alarm panels are your products compatible with with?

ipDatatel has designed all of our alarm communicators to work with panels which utilize Contact ID (CID) allowing support for the vast majority of alarm panels while enabling quick and easy installations.  ipDatatel has gone one step further by enabling keybus connectivity to select Honeywell, DSC, and GE/Caddx panels providing remote keypad programming thus eliminating the need for a truck-roll.

Please visit our Supported Panels reference guide for detailed information.

Will your products transmit signals to my central station?

Yes. ipDatatel alarm communicators capture the signal from the panel and transmit to our mesh alarm network where they are then transmitted to the dealers central monitoring station via IP or phone line.

How can my customers access their system remotely?

Customers can utilize their smartphones, tablets and computers to remotely control their alarm systems.  By downloading ipDatatel’s free app “SecureSmart”, available for both Apple and Android, they can use their smartphone or tablet to arm and disarm their systems as well as receive notifications.  From their computers they can access their system by visiting your dealer-branded portal provided free by ipDatatel. Once there, they will have access to the virtual keypad, event log, notification set-up, etc.

Are ipDatatel products easy to install?

ipDatatel prides itself on creating devices that enable easy installation and universal panel support. Each communicator connects directly to the keybus using conductor wires.  Cellular communicators are pre-provisioned saving valuable installation time.  Internet communicators will connect either via an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi (depending on model) and automatically seek an IP address.

Can I buy ipDatatel products directly from you?

For dealer convenience, we have made our products available through several distributors. Visit our Distributor’s page to find one close to you.

What is the cost of your products?

Please contact your local Distributor for product pricing.

Can an end-user directly purchase ipDatatel products and sign up for your services?

No, ipDatatel’s solutions are only available to end users through licensed alarm dealers.  ipDatatel provides branding options for the dealers portal and SecureSmart app to ensure their customer sees the alarm dealers brand and not ipDatatel.

How are signals received by the end user in the event of an alarm?

Directly, via text or an automated phone call to all phone numbers added to the user’s account.

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