Join us each month for an informative, and all-encompassing presentation on one of ipDatatel’s featured products. This one-hour webinar is a quick and easy way to have you ready to begin selling products and increasing your RMR. We will cover product features, benefits, and selling points. This informative presentation can be emailed to you upon request.

Archived Webinars

Dual-Path Solutions by ipDatatel – Creating Success for the Future

Dual-Path Internet & Cellular alarm communicators from ipDatatel deliver redundant alarm communications with industry-leading remote service capabilities.  Future proofing your customers from technology changes with ipDatatel’s Dual-Path solutions allows you to deliver your customers the peace-of-mind, security and convenience they desire, all while delivering the revenue generating capabilities dealers need.

Learn more with our informative webinar:

  • Create Success for the Future
  • Future Proof Your Customers from Technology Changes
  • Deliver Peace-of-Mind to Your Customers
  • Generate RMR

Giving Customers & Dealers What They Want – Control. An Examination of Keybus and Keyswitch

Your customers want control…and ipDatatel delivers that control!  Our Cellular Alarm Communicators allow your customers access to:
  • interactive services
  • the ability to send and receive signals
  • the option to receive notifications via text/push, email or voice calls
Dealers want control…and ipDatatel delivers that control as well! Our Dual-Path Internet & Cellular Alarm Communicators allow our dealer partners the ability to:
  • Perform remote servicing
  • Stop sending out costly truck rolls
  • Control your revenue stream and increase RMR
  • Effectively manage your employee’s time

Learn more from ipDatatel about how you can deliver Control to your client base, and how to take Control of your business!

Solutions for the 2G Sunset – How to Future Proof Your Alarm Communications Against a Changing Technology Landscape

Changes, such as the sun-setting of the 2G standard and the continued adoption of 3G and 4G, will add to the challenges of integrating the multitude of devices that will be Internet connected and provide opportunities, but also challenges to the ability of many in the industry to adapt and survive.

Join us for an informative interview with ipDatatel’s Director of Business Development, Ryan McConnell, as he discusses the 2G Sunset and how you can:

  • Increase Customer Retention
  • Increase Service Add-Ons
  • Turn the 2G Sunset into an Opportunity Rather Than a Challenge

Lower Your Upfront Customer Acquisition & Service Costs

Join us as we explore how dealers can lower their upfront customer acquisition and service costs. Why Choose ipDatatel? 3 Great Reasons!
  • Save Money – Save Time
    Save money on your upfront customer acquisition costs. No need to replace existing alarm panels with ipDatatel universal alarm communicators.
  • Reduce Service Costs
    Reduce service costs when you eliminate costly truck rolls with remote panel programming. Time is money…your time, your employee’s time, your customer’s time.
  • Increase Your RMR
    Increase RMR by offering valuable add on interactive services and home automation. Allow your customers to control lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors and cameras.

CAT CDMA – Great Product…Great Price…No Hassle

The affordable CAT CDMA Cellular Alarm Communicator, offers the best nationwide cellular coverage area on the Verizon CDMA Network, along with easy installation, making this cellular alarm communicator the perfect device for new installations, 2G radio replacements and analog upgrades. In this presentation we showcase the CAT CDMA, the versatile and reliable cellular alarm communicator, featuring instant event notifications via text/push, voice or email, as well as remote arm/disarm capabilities via Smartphone, tablet or PC.

The ipDatatel BAT CDMA WIFI Overview

The BAT CDMA WIFI is one of ipDatatel’s flagship products. Once you learn the in’s and out’s of the BAT CDMA WIFI, your ability to increase your RMR is limitless. This versatile and reliable, industry-leading product has a wide variety of applications for your client base.

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