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These modules can be placed in the expansion slots of the Helix panel. Allowing for a custom tailored panel that fits your individual customer’s needs.



Connects panel to local Wi-Fi network.  Enables alarm reporting, interactive control functions, all through a wireless Internet connection.


This card provides communications with lights, locks, garage door openers, appliance modules, or thermostats enabling a broad range of device control and automation features.



This module provides alarm reporting and interactive services over the Verizon network as either a primary or back-up communication path.


Enables the Helix system to receive signals from Honeywell, 2GIG, GE, DSC or Napco sensors. Easily takeover hardwired security systems.


Helpful Resources

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Product overview of Helix as well as Accessories, Sensors and Expansion Cards.

Expansion Card Sheet

Details on Expansion Cards and functionality to find the best fit for your customer.

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