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Helix Sensors

With industry-leading range & extended battery lives, the Cryptix Sensors provide tamper proof design and reliable security additions for the Helix panel.


NanoMax Open/Close Sensor

is the smallest full-featured security transmitter in the industry. NanoMax detects the opening and closings of doors and windows. The alarm will signal when the magnet is pulled away from the NanoMax or when the external contact is opened.


is an integrated environmental sensor. Trident is designed to detect flood conditions and extreme temperatures. Trident can be configured to report custom high and low temperature trip points set within the Helix panel.


PIR Motion Sensor

 is a Pyroflex™ sensor with HighBar™ signaling. PIR Motion sensor features a 44-foot range with a 90-degree field of view. PIR Motion sensor also features Pet Immunity of up to 85 pounds

Glass Break Sensor

identifies the sound of breaking glass and transmits a signal to the Helix panel when mounted 4-25 feet from the protected window. Glass Break sensor is cost-effective way to extend the coverage area for any home or business.


Wireless Door/Window Sensor

is a full-featured security transmitter with industry-leading wireless range and battery life. Door/Window Sensor detects the opening and closing of doors and windows. The alarm will signal when the magnet is pulled away from the sensor or when an external contact is opened.

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