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Accessories and Peripherals

These accessories enhance and augment the Helix panel and sensors, for limitless configurations that fit your customers lifestyle!


Wireless, Bluetooth security keypad providing two-way communication
with the Helix panel. Helipad is a fully wireless, full status security keypad delivering several firsts to the security industry. The Helipad e-ink display provides real-time status updates. The clean, sleek design delivers a high contrast display, ensuring easy reading in high and low light conditions.

Wireless Siren

Wall-powered, remote siren, synchronized to the Helix panel, featuring backup battery power, unparalleled wireless range, and a cover tamper. The Helix panel can support up to 8 Wireless Sirens.


Key Fob

Features a pivoting, built-in keyring, and recessed buttons to protect against “false pocket alarms”. Keyfob features tactile button clicks and LED blinks for feedback.


Small keypad featuring 1-button arming with a secure, 4-digit disarm code. PINpad can be wallmounted, mounted on a car visor, or carried in a purse or backpack.


Wireless HD Camera

Features fixed Wi-Fi with IR lights and motion detection. The IP HD Camera can communicate with a wireless router without an Ethernet cable, but features an Ethernet option. The camera is supplied with a mounting bracket, outlet power supply and Ethernet cable.

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