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ipDatatel Releases Internet/Cellular Alarm Communicator (BAT CDMA)

ipDatatel today announced the release of their Internet/Cellular Broadband Alarm Transceiver (BAT CDMA). The Cellular BAT provides low cost “Dual Path” communications for alarm and home automation signaling via cellular and/or Broadband transmission. “Our customers demand secure/safe transmission options for alarm and home automation communications,” said Russell Vail CEO. “Our Cellular BAT delivers our customers a dual path redundant solution providing the maximum protection for alarm signaling available in the industry.”

The company designs, engineers and manufactures innovative Internet-ready HAN (Home Area Network) wireless devices for security, home automation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industries. The devices connect existing and new manufacturers’ alarm system controls to the Internet and HAN connections, turning smart phones and wireless-based devices into multi-functional, portable controls. “Our products absolutely helps alarm dealers with the ability to control their inventory costs, service cost and training expenses by allowing them to stock one product to communicate with multiple manufactures of alarm control panels with just one device including downloading,” said Vail CEO. “Recurring fees for Interactive network access are more competitive than others even when utilizing the Internet and Cellular together.”

ipDatatel provides alarm installers, service providers and equipment manufacturers with alarm and home automation products that increases installation revenues and monthly recurring revenues. “Our business is providing private label products and transmission services to our customers,” said Kurt Burr, COO. “Dealers maintain their branding, protect their customer loyalty while ipDatatel delivers the network, technical support and next generation products that keep customers interested in their services.”

The company has penetrated 80% of the equipment manufacturer market, including Honeywell, DSC and GE/Interlogix for the purpose of signal distribution through the Internet and HAN connections. Its devices provide the most affordable wireless alarm communication and auto aware services on the market. In addition, ipDatatel’s equipment integrates with existing equipment avoiding costly replacement of systems already installed.

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