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2g Sunset is upon us!

2g Sunset is upon us!

What is 2G and How Does It Affect Me?

The alarm industry’s growth has always benefited from incorporating new technologies. Over the next several years, however, the industry will be faced with and impacted by unprecedented changes in communication and connectivity. These changes will impact both the industry’s hardware manufacturers and the independent dealers who will use this new equipment to integrate and install advanced alarm system components for their customers.

The challenges facing the industry as a result is what we have called the coming ‘Telepocalypse.’

2G – Explained

AT&T has announced plans to sunset its 2G technology as it shifts spectrum capacity to its 3G and 4G networks.  The planned shutdown date is January 1, 2017.  All 2G devices, including alarm panels operating on 2G technology will no longer work in this new environment.

Changes, such as the sun-setting of the 2G standard and the continued adoption of 3G and 4G, will add to the challenges of integrating the multitude of devices that will be Internet connected and provide opportunities, but also challenges to the ability of many in the industry to adapt and survive.

How to future proof alarm communications

Cellular technologies are forever changing however IP doesn’t share the same risks.  With IP your alarm communications will not be subject to sunsetting of communication technologies.  Consider a dual-path solution that combines both Cellular and Internet so if the Cellular technology changes, you can still rely on the Internet for alarm communications.

ipDatatel Solutions

ipDatatel offers several Cellular and Internet alarm communicators which utilize the Verizon CDMA network and Internet connectivity, enabling redundancy and future proofing your alarm communications.  ipDatatel’s Cellular and Internet alarm communicators are a perfect choice for 2G replacements and analog upgrades.

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